Monday, March 31, 2008

PasswordWallet 4.3.4 for Mac OS X and iPhone

We added a few neat little features to PasswordWallet 4.3.4. For a little added security PasswordWallet document windows can no longer be captured by background apps using Leopard's new windowing APIs. Give it a try:
  1. Open your PasswordWallet document.
  2. Type command-shift-4, then hit space. (also hold down control to capture to the clipboard.)
  3. You won't see your entries in the capture, you'll just see a blank window. :-)
And we've also made minor changes to window saving/re-positioning code so it's a little more forgiving about screen edges.

On the iPhone side, we'll now warn you if JavaScript is turned off. PasswordWallet for iPhone of course requires that JavaScript be turned on. And we seriously reduced the size of the bookmarklet so us iPhone can squeeze even more passwords on to our devices! Oooh!