Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tidbits makes an example of PasswordWallet...

Adam Engst at Tidbits wrote an amazing article about my experience with the AppStore!

Apple: Web-enabled iPhone Apps Aren't for Kids

Monday, July 27, 2009

iPhone 17+ Ratings - A better solution

After submitting the PasswordWallet 4.4.7 update to the iTunes App Store for review, I received an unpleasant surprise from Apple: All apps with embedded browsers (that can open arbitrary URLs) must be given a rating of 17+.

So instead of changing my rating to 17+, I tried something a little different in PasswordWallet: I queried the system's own Parental Controls. If the Parental Controls disable Safari, I disable PasswordWallet's browser. Nice and simple. Seems to me this would be an ideal solution. I'd honor the OS's Parental Controls and filter web content the exact same way the OS does. So I submitted my app with these settings.

Apple did not agree. PasswordWallet is now rated at 17+.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

PasswordWallet Updates: 4.4.7 for Mac, iPhone, 4.4.3 for Windows Mobile, and Pre Support!

Version 4.4.7 is a major update to PasswordWallet for Mac OS X and sports many new improvements, including improved voice over support for visually impaired users, Palm Pre compatible HTML export, options to share passwords between records, and many other enhancements.


The iPhone version* adds encrypted backups that can be opened on any platform, clipboard operations (for iPhone OS 3.0), an improved layout for users with big fingers, and more user interface refinements. Visit the info screen in our iPhone app to find an amazing coupon for PasswordWallet for Mac!


The 4.4.3 Windows Mobile update brings improved compatibility with more devices and fixes category selection for edited records.


(* Apple is now requiring new versions all apps with a built-in browser to be rated at 17+. It's still the same great PasswordWallet!)