Monday, June 10, 2013

Our blog has moved!

Hello everybody!

With our swanky new web site we've moved our blog from blogger to our internal server.  Our new web site has a really beautiful and streamlined experience.  Be sure to update your feed reader's bookmarks!

New URLs:

     Web URL:
     Feed URL:


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We have a brand new web site!

It's been a busy year so far!  We've got all new releases of PasswordWallet Windows, Mac and iOS.  We addressed a bunch of small issues there.  And...

Our brand new web site!  It's been a long time coming.  And we're thrilled with the way it turned out.  All HTML5 and CSS3.  The designers did a really great job.

Friday, September 2, 2011

PasswordWallet 4.6 for iPhone, Mac OS X and Android

With PasswordWallet 4.6 we totally rewrote synchronization from the ground up. A new synchronization wizard will guide you through all of the options. The wizards are identical on both Mac and Palm and are easy to use. (Syncing through Dropbox is now one of those options!) On the Mac we reworked a lot of the menus and user interfaces to make things easier to use too.

For Mac: <>

On the iPhone we now have three ways to independently Backup & Restore your data... one of them even works without a network connection.

For iPhone: <>

The real beauty of it is, the data files on the Mac and iPhone are identical. So you can move them back and forth whenever you like.

And for Android, we have a new, free viewer. Just make an encrypted export from the Mac, iPhone or Windows version and drag them over to your Android phone's sdcard. The latest Android version is now available from the Android Store for easy installation on any device running Android 1.6 or later.

For Android: <>

Have fun!

SmartWrap 2.9.0

SmartWrap 2.9.0 is out and there are quite a few changes: The much-requested Plug-in now works beautifully on Lion, even on incoming HTML e-mail. There's a fancy new toolbar, and we fixed up some issues I know you've all been waiting for. SmartWrap 2.9.0 now requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. See it here!

For Mac: <>

MoonMenu 3.0.4 Update

MoonMenu 3.0.4 is now available on the Mac AppStore! And at a new, low price: just $0.99! 3.0.4 fixes up time zone preferences, adds a new "Run at Login" menu item and fixes some calculations that went wrong with a recent arithmetic overflow (Sorry! :-)

Mac AppStore: <>

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MoonMenu 3.0.2 for Mac OS X!

MoonMenu 3.0.2 for Mac OS X fixes an issue with rise and set times that were incorrect on Mac OS X 10.6.

And we added automatic update checks so you can easily keep MoonMenu up to date!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

PasswordWallet 4.5.2 Now Supports iPad!

PasswordWallet 4.5.2 for iPhone now runs on the iPad! PasswordWallet for iPad takes advantage of the big screen so you can see lots of records at once. A full screen browser comes complete with auto-typing. And all of the handy features are there: Backup & Restore with no special software, fully encrypted exports, find, sort and browse. Sync with another device, your computer or MobileMe. It's all there.
  1. Compatibility with PasswordWallet for iPad!
  2. PasswordWallet for Windows updated to Beta 4.
  3. Password dialogs when accessing your wallet now allow Command-Q to quit the application.
  4. PasswordWallet will try harder to not open the default file when other documents are opened.
  5. Added preference to prevent default file from being set automatically.
  6. No longer asking for master password after a sync.
This update is free for all registered users of PasswordWallet 4.x for Mac OS X! And the iPad version is a free upgrade for all users who own PasswordWallet 4.x for iPhone and iPod Touch.