Friday, November 21, 2008

PasswordWallet 4.4.1 for Mac OS X and iPhone

We received a huge amount of e-mail about 4.4.0 and addressed every reported issue in 4.4.1. PasswordWallet 4.4.1 for Mac OS X is now ready for download, and PasswordWallet 4.4.1 for iPhone has been posted to the iTunes App Store!

If you liked 4.4.0, then you'll be happy to learn that 4.4.1 is even better. Please see the list of changes at the links below:

For Mac:

For iPhone:

Friday, November 14, 2008

PasswordWallet 4.4.0 for Mac OS X has tons of new features...

While we wait for PasswordWallet to be approved for the iTunes App Store, we've added a ton of new features for PasswordWallet 4.4 for Mac OS X. And it's a free upgrade for all users who own any 4.x version!
  • Introducing Multiple-file Network Synchronization between two Macs or a Mac and iPhone!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile for PocketPC and Smartphone!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile Multi-file synchronization!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet one-way export for Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and Symbian phones running WebKit!
  • Introducing much improved Bookmarklet Export that automatically breaks up large files for more speed and compatibility.
  • Bookmark and HTML export is no longer a separate product, but is included with PasswordWallet for Mac OS X.
  • Bookmarks are now fully unicode compatible for more reliability on German, French and Japanese devices.
  • Bookmarks are now synchronized to Safari through Mac OS X Synchronization Services.
  • Added "Export bookmark as link" for easily import on to non-syncable devices and phones.
  • Addressed issues where OS X was telling us to open our document twice resulting in the user being asked for a password twice even though they cancelled.
  • Improved error recovery when reading old file types that are corrupted and scraping those files to recover partial data.
  • "Delete" from the Edit menu now works on entries just like "Delete Entry" from the "Wallet" menu. (Sorry about that.)
  • Added help items for installing and configuring PassworWallet for iPhone and Windows Mobile.
  • Now setting file types and creators on synced files correctly.
  • Added Sparkle auto-update mechanism! "Check for Updates" will download and install the latest and greatest PasswordWallet.
  • Made registration a little bit easier.
  • All synchronizations that affect open and modified documents will be automatically saved. Data in open editors will also be automatically saved.
  • Fixed problem where import wasn't always bringing in UTF-8 correctly.
  • PasswordWallet's plug-ins and add-ons are now Codesigned.
  • Improved URL handling to work with malformed, non-http URLs.
Lots 'o info:

Introducing PasswordWallet for Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Nokia Mobile Phones!

We put a lot of effort into reworking our bookmarklet technology. And we discovered something along the way: Our bookmarklets that used to be the only way to run PasswordWallet on your iPhone also work on lots of other devices running Apple's WebKit technology, such as browsers in modern Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Nokia devices! We've even created a streamlined way for you to export your data to special web pages that can be bookmarked right from your device. And it's a great solution.

And for devices without a whole lot of memory, PasswordWallet bookmarklets can be broken up automatically. Just specify their size when you export!

The best part: PasswordWallet for WebKit is now free (and built-in) to PasswordWallet for Mac OS X!

Read all about it here, complete with a special page you can visit to test with your phone:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Introducing PasswordWallet for WindowsMobile!

PasswordWallet is now available for WindowsMobile! A friend of mine is a Windows Wizard and he whipped up a magnificent program for us. PasswordWallet for WindowsMobile can handle multiple PasswordWallet files with full synchronzation of all changes with PasswordWallet for Mac OS X.

It's compatible back to WindowsMobile Version 5, PocketPC and Smartphone. Enjoy!

See all the features, complete with screenshots, here:

Friday, November 7, 2008

PasswordWallet 4.4 for iPhone and iPod Touch has been submitted to the iTunes App Store

PasswordWallet 4.4 for iPhone and iPod Touch has been submitted to the iTunes App Store for approval!!

I cannot begin to tell you how many e-mails we received about PasswordWallet for iPhone. This was a really long road for us. And y'all have been incredibly patient. So... PasswordWallet 4.4 for iPhone and iPod Touch will be free for two weeks after it hits the iTunes App Store! PasswordWallet 4.4 for Mac OS X will be free for all users who already own PasswordWallet 4.x for Mac OS X.

PasswordWallet 4.4 for Mac OS X will be posted shortly. So stay tuned!