Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

PasswordWallet 4.4.2 for iPhone

We just revved PasswordWallet for iPhone from v4.4.1 to v4.4.2. It's just a sub-dot release, but you'd never know it by how much work we put in to it. We heard your complaints loud and clear and revamped our code to improve stability and memory usage. Hopefully all of this work will alleviate most of the hardships.

We also improved the user interface for more streamlined entry. And everything just sort of works better.

A quick side note: Our beta testers for 4.4.2 were just phenomenal. And in the end they all said that 4.4.2 was significantly more stable than 4.4.1.

A few more noteworthy changes...
  • The built-in browser now gives users the option to load secure pages from servers with bad or expired certificates. (Not allowed before.)
  • More reliable auto-typing of Username and Password values in to web sites.
  • PasswordWallet now locks when your iPhone goes to sleep.
  • The keyboard no longer automatically capitalizes usernames and passwords. (Sorry about that.)
  • Logging has improved dramatically. Keep sending us those logs! They really help! [Main]-> [i] -> [Logs]
4.4.2 was submitted today. So hopefully Apple will approve it for the store by the end of the week.