Thursday, December 20, 2007

PasswordWallet 4.3.2 fixes the last of our Leopard Conflicts

PasswordWallet 4.3.2 fixes two fun bugs in Leopard we had to work around. The first was a fun one: many apps on Leopard will emit an incomprehensible warning into Leopard's Console ("NSDocument called FSPathReplaceObject() and -39 was returned") when they're trying to save a document with some inconsistencies. We now check for those inconsistencies and try to repair them. The result is fewer incomprehensible warnings for those of you who look at the Console. And documents that can actually save.

And the Color Panel is awful chatty. Especially in Leopard. The Color Panel is that color wheel window thing you'll see in some programs. Apparently the Color Panel broadcasts a color change even when it's invisible... and not even clicked! So we added a bunch of code to make sure we only listen when we ask it to talk.

Sounds like a bad parenting book, doesn't it?