Friday, November 14, 2008

PasswordWallet 4.4.0 for Mac OS X has tons of new features...

While we wait for PasswordWallet to be approved for the iTunes App Store, we've added a ton of new features for PasswordWallet 4.4 for Mac OS X. And it's a free upgrade for all users who own any 4.x version!
  • Introducing Multiple-file Network Synchronization between two Macs or a Mac and iPhone!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile for PocketPC and Smartphone!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile Multi-file synchronization!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet one-way export for Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and Symbian phones running WebKit!
  • Introducing much improved Bookmarklet Export that automatically breaks up large files for more speed and compatibility.
  • Bookmark and HTML export is no longer a separate product, but is included with PasswordWallet for Mac OS X.
  • Bookmarks are now fully unicode compatible for more reliability on German, French and Japanese devices.
  • Bookmarks are now synchronized to Safari through Mac OS X Synchronization Services.
  • Added "Export bookmark as link" for easily import on to non-syncable devices and phones.
  • Addressed issues where OS X was telling us to open our document twice resulting in the user being asked for a password twice even though they cancelled.
  • Improved error recovery when reading old file types that are corrupted and scraping those files to recover partial data.
  • "Delete" from the Edit menu now works on entries just like "Delete Entry" from the "Wallet" menu. (Sorry about that.)
  • Added help items for installing and configuring PassworWallet for iPhone and Windows Mobile.
  • Now setting file types and creators on synced files correctly.
  • Added Sparkle auto-update mechanism! "Check for Updates" will download and install the latest and greatest PasswordWallet.
  • Made registration a little bit easier.
  • All synchronizations that affect open and modified documents will be automatically saved. Data in open editors will also be automatically saved.
  • Fixed problem where import wasn't always bringing in UTF-8 correctly.
  • PasswordWallet's plug-ins and add-ons are now Codesigned.
  • Improved URL handling to work with malformed, non-http URLs.
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