Thursday, March 11, 2010

PasswordWallet 4.5 for iPhone

PasswordWallet 4.5 for iPhone adds great new features: a completely new Backup and Restore mechanism that works with any computer with no special software required. No more losing your data when you get new devices or when iTunes goes batty. Also included is a brand new synchronization mechanism that can sync your data with MobileMe, WebDAV, a Computer or even another iPhone.

A new security layer will never let your data get offloaded from your device without your master password. And a pairing protocol ensures that you'll always know who's connecting.

PasswordWallet 4.5 for iPhone also has a brand new file manager to create, open, rename, export, or delete PasswordWallet files. PasswordWallet 4.5 for iPhone shares the exact same file format as PasswordWallet for Mac OS X or Windows... so just copy your files over and open them natively! After manipulating them on a Mac or PC, just copy them back with synchronize or restore.

If all else fails, we've made available free utilities for Mac OS X and Windows that will sniff through iTunes' own backup files for your data. Reinstall PasswordWallet on to your device and restore the very same data file that was recovered.

This update is free for all owners of PasswordWallet 4.x for iPhone! And it's still available for $4.99 from the iTunes AppStore.