Thursday, March 11, 2010

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Mac OS X

PasswordWallet 4.5 for Mac OS X adds four completely new synchronization methods: MobileMe, WebDAV, Computer-to-Computer, Computer-to-iPhone. Also added are special encrypted exports that can be easily copied to Android or Palm webOS devices for use with all new PasswordWallet Readers. This release also includes organizational changes to group the synchronization and export mechanisms together so they're easier to find.

This update is free for all registered users of PasswordWallet 4.x for Mac OS X!

And for those of you who like lists:
  1. Another free upgrade for 4.x users!
  2. Completely new MobileMe, WebDAV, iPhone-Computer and Computer-Computer synchronization. (Requires iPhone PasswordWallet 4.5.)
  3. Sync confirmation windows will come to the format of other application windows now, instead of hiding behind other apps.
  4. Added specialized exports for Android and Palm webOS devices.
  5. All exports have a preference to export when the file is closed after a change.
  6. If the user command-tabs to PasswordWallet, the default file will open if no other documents are open.
  7. Pasting multiple entries in to a wallet will now properly select the pasted entries.
  8. Fixed issue with File-to-File sync if partnered file was empty.
  9. Finally made dialogs more Cocoa like!
  10. Synchronize Automator Action is now Snow Leopard compatible.
  11. Rearranged sync menu to make Automator Action easier to find.
  12. New 4.5 Windows Mobile app added to built-in installer.